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At Spectrum Laser Aesthetics, patients get access to top-tier laser technology that transforms and refreshes their appearance. At the same time, they get warm, dedicated care from the entire team at the comfortable Spectrum Laser Aesthetics office in Tyler, Texas. Their staff of highly trained and certified laser aesthetic specialists personalizes treatment programs to each individual patient to ensure their unique wants and needs are met. 

From their friendly office, they offer a wide range of the latest, most groundbreaking laser aesthetic treatments, including tattoo removal, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and spider vein removal. The Spectrum Laser Aesthetics team uses the innovative Astanza laser technology to drive the best results for the widest range of patients. 

With Astanza lasers and their extensive expertise, they’re able to deliver results for patients who historically have been unable to use laser-based treatments. This includes people with green or blue tattoo pigment — which requires a specialized laser to remove — and people with darker skin who want laser hair removal. 

Spectrum Laser Aesthetics has chosen to expand both their expertise and their technology into these underserved areas because they want to create a space where everyone feels like they belong. Each patient who walks into their office can expect friendly, personalized care. 

What’s more, they want to extend that feeling of comfort with their patients out into the world. That’s why they offer free above-collar tattoo removal for any gang tattoos, sex trafficking tattoos, cancer markers, and prison tattoos. Certain conditions apply, but if you’re interested in refreshing your appearance, don’t hesitate to contact their caring team. 

For access to leading-edge laser technology, specialized expertise, and friendly care, call Spectrum Laser Aesthetics, or schedule your appointment online.


Words from our patients

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    "Every time I visit Spectrum Laser Aesthetics, I know that I am going to have the most wonderful experience."

    Catherine B
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    "The whole office is lovely and the equipment is amazing, shiny, and new. Personally, I am having a tattoo removed and couldn't be happier with my progress."

    Gina K
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    "The staff was very professional, knowledgeable & patient. They happily answered all my questions."

    Danielle A
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    "They helped lift a heavy burden off my chest... literally.. and I’m just so happy to finally get my tattoo removed!"

    Angla W
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    "These guys are very knowledgeable and friendly! I highly recommend."

    Stacey F


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