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Our mission is to deliver superior patient care before, during, and after each treatment. We believe building relationships with each of our clients is vital to our success. Spectrum Laser Aesthetics goes above and beyond to create a caring environment that supports our patients.

Industry Leading Technology Paired With Exceptional Service and Knowledge

At Spectrum Laser Aesthetics, we are proud to introduce cutting-edge technology by Astanza Laser that is new to East Texas. With full spectrum laser tattoo and laser hair removal, we can safely and effectively treat all skin types, tattoo ink colors and hair colors.

The Astanza ReSmooth is a Diode laser that uses specific wavelengths to target the hair follicle with minimal or no effect to the rest of the body. This specificity in wavelengths allows the use of less energy for an effective but nearly pain-free treatment when compared to traditional laser hair removal technology.

The Astanza Trinity is an actively Q-switched laser producing three true wavelengths that provide full spectrum tattoo removal. We can safely and effectively treat all skin types and all tattoo ink colors, even blue and green tattoo ink which requires a specific wavelength created by a Ruby laser.

With the addition of treatment specific handpieces, Spectrum Laser Aesthetics is proud to offer a number of additional laser aesthetic services such as vascular lesion removal, photofacials and pigmented lesions removal. Spectrum Laser Aesthetics ultimate goal is to provide the best treatment possible tailored to each individual client with a specific focus on service to ensure complete comfort during the entire treatment process.

Why Choose Us?

Spectrum Laser Aesthetics delivers a relaxing and comfortable environment for patients desiring outstanding laser aesthetic services in the greater Tyler, Texas area. We utilize the latest cutting-edge technology to provide state-of-the-art services that renew, revitalize, and positively transform your appearance and boost your confidence. We provide patients with the most advanced aesthetic treatments available without the stress or discomfort associated with a typical doctor’s office. Our commitment to serving you is what sets us apart as the leading laser aesthetic center in Tyler, Texas and surrounding cities.
We are committed to the highest standard of safety protocols and patient care. Each member of our staff has completed in-depth, comprehensive training at New Look Laser College, the world’s first and leading laser tattoo removal training program, and has received the designations of Certified Laser Specialist, Laser Safety Officer, and specialize in operating advanced Q-switched technology. Our team stays up to date on the latest aesthetic advancements and laser protocols to ensure you receive the best treatments and results possible.
“First off, the staff was welcoming and friendly. Put me at ease right away. I was so impressed with the experience! They use a gel and cooling technology. I am super blonde on my legs and underarms. It wasn’t painful at all. I highly suggest them! going back for more services! They weren’t stuffy like other med spas.”
— Angela Stuckey
“My first treatment could not have gone any better! I cannot wait for my results! Everyone there is very friendly and caring! I highly recommend them if you need any tattoos removed or laser hair removal!” Shelbi Joy

“Very helpful and they make sure you understand exactly how things are going to take place.” Jessica Cordona

“I went in and had my first ever session of laser tattoo removal today. They were so helpful in explaining the process to me and made me feel comfortable. very friendly people!! I will most definitely be back!” Alison Trevino

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Our commitment to serving you is what sets us apart as the leading laser aesthetic center in Tyler, Texas and surrounding cities.

Andrea Stevens

Andrea Stevens

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Jarod Stevens

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Bryce Fisher


Spectrum Laser Aesthetics is proud to introduce Dr. Wesley Nahm as our acting medical director.

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