Astanza Laser Tattoo Removal Machine on Tru TV

Last week, truTV aired a segment featuring the Astanza Duality laser tattoo removal machine, an appearance coinciding with the growing prominence of the ink removal industry. Aired in 90 million households, truTV is known for its popular series Impractical Jokers and Adam Ruins Everything. We couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to spread the word about Astanza and laser tattoo removal.

 Abbi Crutchfield of the You Can Do Better half-hour informational segment, recognized the promise of the ink removal industry, stating that its generated revenue expanded by over 400% in the past decade. For the inside scoop, Abbi chose to visit

LaserAway, one of the largest chains of laser tattoo removal clinics in the world and an exclusive purchaser of Astanza lasers.

In the video, LaserAway Clinical Director Emily Holmes explains to Abbi the “magic” behind the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology. Black ink, the color most easily removed and treated by the Duality, is made of carbon, and the Duality’s light hits and explodes the carbon molecules but not the skin. Worst case scenario, if a patient doesn’t follow aftercare procedures, is forming a blister.

Abbi’s curiosity about tattoo removal manifests in several frequently asked questions that Emily easily addresses. The most common tattoos Emily treats are names, for example, and the hardest tattoos to remove are the ones with blues and greens. She recommends, for an easily removed tattoo, to make sure that the ink is black, is injected into the body’s upper extremity, and stays out of the sun as much as possible.

Admitting that coming into the segment, she had been wary of getting a tattoo because of its association with permanence, Abbi exclaims that she “could go for it” now. As tattoo removal gains traction in the mainstream media, thus fostering a better understanding of the procedure, we foresee many more people sharing her opinion.

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