Yes, Size Does Matter

“Does size matter?” Depending on the scenario, there are many answers to this age-old question. However, in the laser hair removal world, the answer is definitely yes. Various lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technologies used to permanently reduce hair growth use various factors including wavelengths, fluence, and spot sizes to perform treatment.

While it’s obvious that fluence, wavelengths, and general protocols used during a treatment will greatly affect a patient’s results, there is some speculation whether or not the spot size used will make any difference.

In this article, we explain why spot size matters for permanent hair reduction procedures.


What is Spot Size?
The spot size of any light-based system is the width or radiance of the beam of light being emitted. Basically, spot size affects how deep a laser can penetrate wavelengths of light into the skin’s dermis. 

Lasers and IPL systems alike are designed with varying spot sizes, some smaller than others. For example, the Astanza ReSmooth hair removal system supports various interchangeable handpieces with varying spot sizes ranging from 1 cm2 to 9.1 cm2, the industry’s leading spot size.


Benefits of a Large Spot Size
Larger spot size appears to be more effective for laser and IPL hair removal treatments because they are able to penetrate more deeply into the skin and target more pigmentation and melanin in hair follicles.

Multiple studies and articles have examined the role of spot size in hair removal treatments and results showed that the use of a larger spot size almost always improved the delay of hair growth. Furthermore, results after using a larger spot size showed longer-lasting hair reduction results many months after a patient’s final treatment session.

Additionally, most laser hair removal treatments are performed on larger body parts (i.e. lower legs, upper legs, back, etc.). Having a larger spot size can make a significant difference in treatment times. A 9.1cm2 spot size in comparison to a 12mm spot size will allow you to treat patients more quickly, reduce downtime between treatments, and schedule more patients in a day.


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