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If you’re living with acne, you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s the most common skin condition. And Spectrum Laser Aesthetics wants to do something about it. That’s why they offer acne treatment from the comfort of their Tyler, Texas, office. To learn more about how their cutting-edge, laser-based acne treatment can help you get clear, smooth skin, call or book a visit to their office online.

Acne Treatment Q & A

Why am I getting acne?

You get acne when your pores get clogged and infected. There are a few primary things that cause acne, including:

  • Your skin producing too much oil (i.e., sebum)
  • Your hair follicles getting clogged by sebum or dead skin cells
  • Bacteria in your skin
  • Hormonal imbalance

Though most people assume they’ll grow out of acne, nearly one in five people living with acne is an adult. And no matter your age, acne can cause skin scarring and emotional distress. 

That’s why Spectrum Laser Aesthetics leverages their innovative technology to treat acne and help their patients get clearer skin. 

How does laser treatment work for acne?

During an acne treatment, your Spectrum Laser Aesthetics specialist moves a laser over your acneic skin. As it moves, that device sends intense pulsed light into your skin. This has a few benefits.

First, it slows your skin’s production of sebum, targeting the oil that contributes to acne. Additionally, the light energy kills the bacteria living in your pores that are linked to your breakouts. Together, these dual-edged treatments reduce your acne severity and help you get your skin under control. 

Is laser acne treatment safe?

Absolutely. Spectrum Laser Aesthetics uses only the best in laser technology. Their acne treatment is safe for all skin types. And their staff is extensively trained and certified, so you can rest easy knowing your acne specialist will deliver the right treatment for your skin. 

What’s more, the treatment is designed with your comfort in mind. Most patients are able to relax as the treatment goes to work and report little to no pain. 

You’ll most likely leave your acne treatment with reddened skin. But don’t worry; that’s totally normal and will go away within a few hours. 

Generally, laser acne treatment works safely and effectively with other skincare programs. Talk to your Spectrum Laser Aesthetics specialist before your treatment, though, to ensure your skin is ready for treatment and that the products you’ll use at home afterward will be safe and effective. 

Acne doesn’t have to prevent you from putting your best face forward. To get started with acne treatment, call Spectrum Laser Aesthetics, or schedule your appointment online today.