Laser Tattoo Removal

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Think your tattoo is permanent? Think again. With the groundbreaking Astanza tattoo removal laser, the dedicated team at Spectrum Laser Aesthetics is removing even the most challenging tattoos. And they deliver safe, effective tattoo removal from the comfort of their Tyler, Texas, office. To learn more, call or schedule your appointment online.

Laser Tattoo Removal

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Spectrum Laser Aesthetics removes your tattoo from your body by targeting the pigment in your tattoo with a wavelength of laser energy that’s specifically designed to break it up. Once the laser energy reaches the pigment, it separates the ink particles into tiny fragments. These fragments are so small that your immune system is able to remove them naturally, flushing them from your body and restoring your skin to its natural color. 

Generally, multiple sessions are needed to completely clear the tattoo from your skin. Spectrum Laser Aesthetics can tell you what to expect once they’ve had the chance to look at your tattoo. 

If you’ve been planning a cover-up tattoo, laser tattoo removal is also effective in lightening your tattoo to ensure your new tattoo looks flawless. 

Who can get laser tattoo removal?

Anyone who wants it. Though laser tattoo removal was historically most effective with black tattoos, Spectrum Laser Aesthetics uses the latest in laser technology to deliver results to patients with any size and color of tattoo. 

With the Astanza Trinity laser, they deliver full-spectrum laser tattoo removal. That means they’re able to target and break up any color of pigment, even the blue and green pigments that have historically been extremely hard to remove. 

And Spectrum Laser Aesthetics wants to extend this tattoo removal to people who want to get rid of their tattoos to get a fresh lease on life. They offer free above-collar tattoo removal for gang tattoos, sex trafficking tattoos, prison tattoos, and cancer markers. Certain conditions apply, but they work hard to extend this treatment to individuals throughout the Tyler area who need it to enjoy life with a clean slate. 

Is laser tattoo removal safe and effective?

Yes. In fact, those were two prerequisites when Spectrum Laser Aesthetics was choosing which technology to bring to their practice. Ultimately, after extensive research, they chose Astanza Trinity laser tattoo removal technology. Astanza is backed by decades of medical research that shows that it’s both safe and effective in removing a broad range of tattoos. 

You aren’t stuck with your tattoos. Get started with laser tattoo removal by calling Spectrum Laser Aesthetics or scheduling your appointment online.